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Hello ..this is a little bit about me .

My lovely Dad bought me a little camera when I was about 10 years old &  I have never looked back . I have always been fascinated by light ..that may sound a bit weird but its true & then the penny dropped when I fell in love with photography.... 

I love using my skill as a photographer to tell your story ..... emotion, romance, your newborn all snug and new ...yep bring it on ! x      

I have a BA Hons degree in Photography & have been awarded an Associate member of the Royal Photographic Society which is a huge honour.

I am an outdoor sort of girl &  lucky to live near to the sea .   My passions other than Photography & filming ....Paddle boarding, big skies and walks.  I  Love all genres of art &  nothing beats a good film ..x

What to Expect

Having been a Photographer for over 20 years now I know how important my clients/you are.  I understand that you may not feel comfortable being photographed. I get that you have taken so much time and effort to get to this stage of browsing an infinite amount of sites &  I thank you for taking the time to look at mine. Whether its a family portrait or Wedding, making you feel comfortable,  getting to know you & having fun is what its all about.  

Here come the kids..

I have a cosy studio where I photograph gorgeous Newborns & fab families. I sort of fell into this when my Wedding couples started having babies &  their families grew ! Capturing these moments &  documenting how they  became three then four and sometimes even six  is such a pleasure ..keeps me on my toes having little ones in the studio, never a dull moment and lots of laughs !

Lets Talk Weddings....

Weddings are just the best !!  My role is to capture naturally the very essence of your big day.  The laughs, the tears, the crazy kids (and adults) and of course you two on this your amazing day !   

Every Wedding is as unique as every couple and thats what every photographer should be capturing and that is my ethos. 

My style ? well thats easy ..natural, relaxed & fun with a creative twist!

...... I'd love to hear all about you !

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